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How We Do It

We create perfect business experiences based on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our clients, whether that’s a business all based on making money from home, or a business which allows flexible holidays or a hands off business and even the creation of a master franchise for later trade sale or investment style income.

Our unique approach to your tour through the arena of business options are dealt with by jointly discovering in a counselor style   (SWOT) your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We narrow this down to your true purpose in life, the process you have to go through and the payoff for doing what you need to do.

Should this be the first time you found your way to this page, we welcome you to the Airstream family of second career seekers, you probably found your way to this very page due to something changing within your life.

Maybe you just got fed up of being fed up of working for a boss who tells you what to do, when to go on holiday, when to go for lunch or your boss is downsizing and you are a casualty. Maybe you are already entrepreneurial and a business investor looking for the next big thing in this burgeoning sector.

With over thousands of business opportunities, franchisee roles or master franchise options it might be a little overwhelming and you could be feeling snow blindness at all the options open to you

We do not yet know you well enough to understand what niche will fit your aims or skills and you might even want to try something in an entirely different field from the companies you have chosen to be involved with in the past.

The question you might well have if you are like most of the people we speak with are how do you know where the land mines might be? We share our due diligence with you, we also use our market intelligence in conjunction with the figuring out the conundrum of what industry and frankly which business can give you the passion needed to achieve great goals.

Our team have built businesses, franchised them, trained for household names, helped turn around failing companies that are huge overseas and seen these flourish to $300m companies in Europe and we have helpful consultants covering Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Finding the right business is not as simple as looking on the internet and a mistake could be costly. We are here to discover more about you, or if you are a couplepreneur and a couple seeking to work together we can help fit together all your strengths and be honest about our weaknesses at the same time. Be certain many couples might know each other intimately but a third person can help immensely if it is your first foray seeking the first step on the ladder of business success.

We discover, we guide, we mentor, we advocate and you thrive. We walk beside you and hold your hand throughout the process and we back you with my years of experience in order to give, inspire, provide, facilitate and encourage. As experts in our field we guide you through your research process; we look forward to sharing in your excitement and we will be as excited as you are once you succeed.

Our focus on giving the highest level standard of personal service has allowed us to build a company with the highest reputation.

Simply, our customers are right to trust us with their choice of next business venture.