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CARM (Conversation Analytic Role-play Method)*
Words Conversation Analysis

We aim to bridge a gap for conversations salespeople have and show you the conversations your customers really want.

What you do know is that your salespeople have their lips moving and what you do not know is what they are saying.

They are attempting to say the right things.. Unfortunately, many are failing. One person makes all the sales and others get left in the shadow. Why? It is all about what they say and when they say it.

Airstream Consultants are working together with Loughborough University who developed a pioneering approach to communication skills training.

CARM will be adapted to any sort of sales encounter and provide the only real alternative to traditional role-play.

CARM uses audio- and video-recordings of real-time, actual encounters to identify conversational problems and roadblocks as well as effective practices for avoiding and resolving them.

The challenge
Role-play is widely used to train and assess people’s communication skills. But if research shows that role-play is inauthentic, and if we can’t correctly intuit what we actually do in communicative encounters, how can we construct hypothetical role plays that mimic real life?

The approach
CARM is an approach based on evidence about what sorts of problems and roadblocks can occur in conversation, as well as the techniques and strategies that best resolve these problems. CARM was developed with ESRC follow-on knowledge exchange funding (RES-189-25-0202). The CARM project is an ESRC impact case study: Research Impact on Practice: Case Study Analysis.

CARM is underpinned by the research of Elizabeth Stokoe, Professor of Social Interaction, in Loughborough University’s Department of Social Sciences. A board member of theCollege of Mediators, Elizabeth won a British Psychological Society mid-career award in 2011and the Social Impact Enterprise Award at Loughborough University in 2013